Apart from the exhibitions recommended by our brilliant members of the « Clefs d’Or » in their « Concierges’ Gazette », we also advise you to pay a visit to the Centre Pompidou. Until January 11th, the exhibition « the Subversion of Images » puts together over 400 surrealist artworks, among which the finest proofs by Hans Bellmer, Claude Cahun, Jacques-André Boiffard, Maurice Tabard, Raoul Ubac and of course Man Ray.

For the first time, you will also discover collages by Eluard, Breton or Artaud, as well  as photographic games from Léo Malet and Victor Brauner. Misappropriation of the image, superposition, collection, publication and advertising are as many founding notions of surrealism that could be directly applied to the art of photography.