He is intriguing, he looks impressive but most of all, he invents the most delightful dishes at the Saint James since 1998! Cyrille Robert, the Chef, answered jamie’s questions in the vegetable and herbs plot he created in the gardens of the Saint James. He was selecting herbs for the summer menu he had created on that very morning.

Cyrille Robert in the gardens of the Saint James Paris.

jamie: Could you describe your job for us?
Cyrille Robert: I manage a team of ten persons, imagine new menus each season, as well as the Menu du Marché that changes everyday.

j: What is your most enjoyable moment at the Saint James?
C.R.: All the Garden Parties, for which the cuisine has to adapt to a specific theme and during which we get to meet our clients at the stands.

j: What is your best achievement for the service of the members ?
C.R.: Certainly the special Truffle menu that we put together each fall. Clients are always very eager to discover it!

j: If the Saint James was a song, what would it be?
C.R.: « Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille » by Jacques Dutronc. [NDT: « Paris wakes up at 5 am»!]

j: Who is your hero?
C.R: Auguste Escoffier, the «king of cooks» and the «cook of kings».

j: What is your motto?
C.R.: Cooking need a light head, a generous spirit and a big heart.

Le Chef à table !