At the Saint James Paris, a lot of staff members have been employed for many years. They help create the very specific atmosphere guests usually seek and praise. Among them, David Nardin, Deputy F&B Manager:


jamie: Tell us about your job!

David Nardin: My role is to assist our F&B Manager Nicolas Charlotte in managing the restaurant team. We work hard to create a true team spirit, both within the F&B departments and with the other departments of the hotel, with one goal: a positive and efficient communication.
This is made easier at the Saint James : with its vocation of being like a “home” to its guests, staff members are keen to share these values.

 j: What is your best memory at the Saint James ?

D.N.: The visits of the Dalaï Lama excepted, I would say that it was my encounter with Wynton Marsalis, great jazz trumpeter from a great jazz family, who stayed with us some time to prepare his latest album.  Being immersed in the jazz culture myself, I was struck by his and his “big band”’s generosity. The pavilion he was staying in almost became a rehearsing studio and during their stay, the jazzy atmosphere could be felt in the whole house. Not to mention their improvisations at the piano in the library-bar!

 j: What is your nicest achievement for the service of your guests and club members ?

D.N.:  Without a doubt, our Garden Parties! For us they are THE event of the year. Especially imagined for members of the Saint James Club, for one day the property is transformed according to a specific theme, with an amazing décor, animations… But it is also the occasion to bring the entire staff together and to meet our members in a more festive setting. It helps reminding them that they are like at home at the Saint James.

j: If the Saint James was a song, what would it be ?

D.N.: « Ribbon in the sky », this wonderful ballad by Stevie Wonder,  because it puts me in a relaxing mood and enables me to temporarily disconnect. A special moment full of good vibes, just for oneself. And with the evocation of this ribbon in the sky, it raises the desire to be a part of those hidden, privileged places that are never short of authenticity.

j: Who is your favourite hero ?

D.N.: Martin Luther King, because of everything he stood for in regards to progresses in civic rights, and for the example he incarnated: even if it means risking one’s own life, one can help moving causes forward in a pacific way.

 j: Your motto ?

D.N.: It is made of two auxiliary verbs: to be is better than to have.