From April 11th to 30th, the Opera Bastille will be the scene of the unfortunate love story Romeo and Juliet. Rudolf Noureev’s choreography manages to translate all the beauty of Prokofiev’s music and the passion of Shakespeare’s drama. Full of emotion.


At the Musée Jacquemart André, « The Caillebotte brothers’ private world» invites us to enter the intimacy of an important Parisian family at the beginning of the XXth century, a period of major urban and technological transformations. Gustave’s paintings and Martial’s photographs reveal the underlying similarities between the two brothers as well as the way of life described by the Impressionists. Until July 11th.

The dazzling and disconcerting Dutch painter Kees Van Dongen is celebrated at Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris which offers us a look at his multifaceted personality: the socially-conscious man ever ready to caricature and denounce, the avant-garde artist and iconic Fauve, as well as one of the Roaring Twenties leading figures of the trendy Parisian scene. Until July 17th.


For the sake and Japanese tapas lovers, Isse has just opened Izakaya Isse, a kind of bistro devoted to the rice alcohol (50 different bottles). Pork from Pyrénées on a skewer and tempura vegetables, chicken wings in a sesame sauce, breaded breast of poultry, shizo leaf and runny French brie… Delicious meals to go with the famous drink. Menus from 30 to 60 Euro. 45 rue de Richelieu, Paris 1st (+33 1 42 96 26 60). Closed on Sunday.