Immerse yourself in the Cuisine of Virginie Basselot

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An immersion in the universe of our Chef Virginie Basselot…

 At the Saint James Paris, a lot of staff members have been employed for many years. They help create the very specific atmosphere guests usually seek and praise. Among them, David Nardin, Deputy F&B Manager:


jamie: Tell us about your job!

David Nardin: My role is to assist our F&B Manager Nicolas Charlotte in managing the restaurant team. We work hard to create a true team spirit, both within the F&B departments and with the other departments of the hotel, with one goal: a positive and efficient communication.
This is made easier at the Saint James : with its vocation of being like a “home” to its guests, staff members are keen to share these values. (more…)


Interview with Pauline, new Spa Manager

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Between two treatments, we have had the chance to interview Pauline, the new Spa Manager. Now that you know her, why not taking an appointment?

Jamie: What does your job consist in?

Pauline Jégu: As Spa Manager, my duties are varied. I carry out our exclusive range of high quality cares created by Gemology. From face cares of precious stones to relaxing massages going through body scrubbing of mango… My role is also to set up offers, animations or events such as theme evenings and invite our faithful clients to discover our Gemology products.



Your favourite reporter met with Nicolas Charlotte, the new F&B Manager of the Saint James Paris.

Nicolas Charlotte, Food & Beverage Manager at the Saint James Paris
jamie: What does your job consist in?

Nicolas Charlotte: I manage a team of 15 people working at the restaurant, the bar, the room-service and the private rooms of the hotel. I am responsible for the smooth functioning of these departments and for making these teams work with the same goal : satisfying our guests. My team and I are concerned about providing our faithful guests and members of our Club the best personalized service and improving it daily.
I also work closely with the Chef Cyrille Robert. Always in contact with our guests in the restaurant, I could be considered as his spokesperson, but the way he cooks is so brilliant that it does not need to be highlighted! Thanks to his experience at the Saint James Paris and to his reputation, he’s able to give me a lot of information about his job. Once clients are sat, they just need good suggestions for wine!

j: Your curriculum in a few words? Why choosing Le Saint James Paris?

NC: After my hospitality and catering school, I’ve started my career in a four-stared hotel in the first district of Paris (from 1998 to 2002). I then joined a famous catering group until 2010. This experience allowed me to work for Le Louvre and Quai Branly museum restaurants. Then I decided to join Le Saint James Paris.
In-between, I also travelled during one year all over the world: nine months in Australia and New Zealand, three months in South-East Asia. It has been a wonderful experience, full of adventures, discoveries but also adrenaline!
Joining the Saint James, just fully renovated, and taking part to this wonderful project is very challenging. This is also one of the reasons why I have chosen this property, one of the most beautiful and exclusive addresses in Paris.
Imagined and directed by Bambi Sloan, the renovation has given a new perspective to this unique place. An ideal environment to work, where development opportunities are a real challenge for me!

j: What is the best improvement you think you will implement for the Club members?

NC: The culture of “YES” among my team! Any request of our guests and Club members has to be satisfied, and all the problems solved. It is my leitmotiv!

j: If Saint James was a song ?

NC : « Paradise » by Sade. Calm and serenity… This is what we feel when we discover the Saint James. Everyone working here is very welcoming, generous and trustworthy, not only towards new colleagues as they have been with me, but also towards each of our guests.

j: Your motto ?

NC : « Travels reveal the trivial side of  the serious people, and the serious side of the trivial people », by Anne-Sophie Swetchine. We are lucky to work for people who travel to us… That’s also one of the reasons why I do this job!
If I had to choose between serious or trivial, I would say that a bit of each is the best recipe! (more…)


He is intriguing, he looks impressive but most of all, he invents the most delightful dishes at the Saint James since 1998! Cyrille Robert, the Chef, answered jamie’s questions in the vegetable and herbs plot he created in the gardens of the Saint James. He was selecting herbs for the summer menu he had created on that very morning.

Cyrille Robert in the gardens of the Saint James Paris.



A meeting with Florence

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You surely have met her! This month, jamie meets with Florence Pitruzella, Club & Banqueting Manager at the Club.

Florence Pitruzzella, Responsable Club & Banquets

Florence Pitruzzella, Responsable Club & Banquets

jamie : Tell us more about your job.
F.P. : Since my arrival in July 2005, I supervise the organization of all events of the house. These are mainly business meetings, but also breakfasts, cocktails, lunches… even baptisms and weddings. My clients are Club members, (more…)


Rencontre avec Christian Garot, le Chef Concierge

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Qui sait ce qui se passe vraiment dans un hôtel ? Qui  connaît tout et tout le monde ? Le Concierge bien sûr! Ce mois-ci, jamie vous présente Christian Garot, Chef Concierge Clefs d’Or du Saint James Paris… Pour vous, il dévoile ses anecdotes et nous raconte ses expériences!
Christian Garot, Chef Concierge Clefs d'Or du Saint James Paris
Christian Garot, Chef Concierge Clefs d’Or du Saint James Paris

jamie: “En quoi consistent vos fonctions ?”
C.G. : “Avec Pascal Leneveu, mon assistant, et les concierges de nuit, nous nous occupons d’accueillir les membres du Club ainsi que nos clients, et assurons le lien entre ceux-ci et l’extérieur de l’établissement. Ce service va de la recommandation et la réservation de restaurants, de bars, de boîtes de nuit, de théâtres, d’opéra, de spectacles, d’événements sportifs, d’expos… Nous réservons également des voitures avec chauffeur ou des jets privés, des guides, interprètes et, bien sûr, des billets de train et d’avion. Nos clients s’adressent également à nous pour trouver un médecin, une infirmière, un coiffeur, une manucure, une masseuse, et ce 24 heures sur 24 ! Notre rôle consiste à vous aider à trouver ce que vous cherchez (boutique spécialisée), à organiser un voyage ou une soirée originale.”

jamie: “Quel est votre plus beau souvenir au Saint James ?”
C.G. :
“Ils sont nombreux, mais celui qui m’a le plus touché a trait aux séjours de Sa Sainteté le Dalaï Lama (more…)


Interview with the Head Housekeeper of the Saint James

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Stéphanie Rives, Gouvernante Générale du Saint James Paris

Stéphanie Rives, Gouvernante Générale du Saint James Paris

Just for you, jamie interviews the men and women who make the Saint James the very special place it is. Today, jamie introduces you to Stéphanie Rives, Head Housekeeper.

jamie: What does your job consist in?
S.R. : My role could, in a way, be compared to the work of a house lady, ensuring the comfort and well-being of our clients with the support of my team of chamber maids, valets and housekeepers.

jamie: What is your best moment at the Saint James ?
S.R.: The last garden party will remain unforgettable for me. As a member of the staff, I had as much pleasure to attend as our clients. It was a very convivial, hearty and colourful party!

jamie : What is your nicest achievement for the service of the club members?
S.R. : the personalization of the place with a fragance created especially for the Saint James.

jamie: If the Saint James was a song, what would it be?
S.R. : « And now …ladies and gentlemen” Patricia Kaas

jamie: Who is your favourite hero?
S.R.: Coluche

jamie : Your motto?
S.R. : “There is no weak place where there are people with a generous heart”