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A healthy Saturday has been imagined by the Saint James Paris for its members and most motivated overnight guests! Before being rewarded by a delicious brunch, the 28 participants had to run 10 km in the paths of the Bois de Boulogne.

Here are the winners, ready to being challenged next year!


Le Bal du siècle: the video !

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Relive the « crazy chic » moments of our 2012 Garden Party, an unforgettable reception for the club members and hotel guests! A special thank you to the actors, musicians, opera singers and to the animals (pets and wild!) who created an incredible atmosphere and succeeded in making this event a fantastic moment!


This year, the Saint James organized an oriental dinner for its Club members to celebrate music. Under the veils of our terrace, transformed with fabrics, carpets, cushions, palm tress and lanterns, our members tasted the delicious tajines prepared by our Chef, Cyrille Robert. All accompanied by the sound of Oriental music with amazing dancers. We took some pictures just for you!

Soirée Orientale Saint James Paris 2010

Soirée Orientale Saint James Paris 2010



La Russie au Saint James!

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Grand succès pour la soirée russe mercredi 13 janvier 2010 au Club Room! A l’occasion du Nouvel An Russe, prèsBuffet soirée russe de 30 membres du Club et leurs invités avaient confirmé leur participation.La conférence fut animée par Monsieur Stéphane Philip, Directeur Adjoint de la CCI Franco Russe (CCIFR) à Moscou et Monsieur Ivan Prostakov, Chef de la Délégation Economique et Commerciale de la Fédération de Russie en France. Tous les sujets furent abordés, tels que les secteurs en fort développement, les différences culturelles, les concurrents, les modalités pour s’installer sur le marché russe, les conséquences de la crise économique… Ce fut l’occasion pour certains de nos membres d’approcher de manière personnalisée des personnes clés et appartenant à des organismes de référence comme la CCIFR.
Les discussions se sont poursuivies jusque tard au cours de cette soirée russe autour d’un cocktail de spécialités organisé en partenariat avec la Maison Petrossian : le saumon fut très apprécié, sans oublier le tarama aux grains de caviar avec un verre de vodka aux herbes aromatiques!

The famous journalist, restaurant critic and wine expert Jean-Luc Petitrenaud has chosen to focus on our Chef Cyrille Robert and on the cuisines of your Club for his special show of December 27th, “Escapades”, themed on cooking poultry for festive dinners. So the Chef and his team welcomed Mr Petitrenaud and were filmed while preparing:
– Bresse hen with truffle “en demi-deuil”, spelt risotto
– Bresse hen with morel mushrooms, puree of small pumpkin
– Bresse hen roasted with tarragon, pan-sautéed “forgotten” vegetables (more…)


Networking’s eve

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Your Club set the path for a special evening mixing chance, strategy, encounters and fun! On November 16th, the Club offered its members to meet with others while playing. Mrs Pascale Joly lead a party of “Leverage”, a business game imagined by Action Coach in which each player becomes a businessman… In the end, all of our one-shot or confirmed businessmen and businesswomen had a good time while increasing their network. Do not miss our next special evening!

Soirée Networking au Saint James Paris


Our Chef revealed his secrets…

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On October 14th, our Chef Cyrille Robert and his lieutenant Aurélien Baudet once again agreed to open the doors of their realm to our members for a cuisine course. The “show” took place in the cuisines of the Saint James Paris and was, as usual, sold out. Participants could watch every step needed in the concoction of various autumn velvety soups before tasting them: Velouté de panais, potimarron sauté à la noix de muscade et noisettes torréfiéesSoupe de betterave tradition et noix de Saint-JacquesCrème de châtaignes aux cèpes et magret de canard fumé.

Our Chef told he was astonished by the attention and the outstanding curiosity of participants. Their many precise questions are probably a sign that a lot of exceptional family meals  will be prepared in Paris in the coming months…
As there is no other way to end an afternoon in fall, the cuisine lesson ended with a teatime at our Library-Bar.

The making of velvety soups  is a real art that should be learnt as young as possible. This is certainely the position of our youngest Chef-to-be who set a record in the age of the participants in our cuisine lessons. Judge by yourself!

Des participants pour le moins studieux !

Attentive students...

parmi lesquels Madame de Boismenu et son jeune fils Emmanuel, et Madame Lanson-Villat, fondatrice et présidente de Féminin Pluriel

...among which Madame de Boismenu and her younger son Emmanuel, as well as Madame Lanson-Villat, founder and president of Féminin Pluriel


There’s probably no better place than a castle with a private garden in Paris to celebrate life, nature and authentic flavours! On June 4th, the Saint James Paris brought back to like one of the oldest traditions of its Club for a memorable Garden Party. On the theme “Maître Potager voulut redonner cinq sens à sa vie”, Club members, clients of the Saint James and guests discovered a newParis. Turkeys, chicks, cats, dogs, rabbits, bright fairies, giant butterflies, musical bees, kind praying mantis, grumbling pickles and a whole bunch of gardeners came together for a Garden Partyon a gigantic lawn in the middle of haystacks, carrotts, tomatoes, eggplants and salads!
It was without doubt a very joyful and most unusual party to remember! But the Saint James also set the path with a Garden Party that was “garden” as much as “party”.

You don’t believe me? The Chef himself takes herbs from the vegetable garden to flavour his creations!

Take a quick video tour of what you missed!